天麟海外艺术创意启发中心 | 2012-06-08

SAS Launches Scholarship Scheme at Chelsea College of Art and Design



SAS设立的三项奖学金面向伦敦艺术大学切尔西艺术与设计学院平面设计专业二年级的所有学生。想申请的同学要在二年级阶段完成一个完整的现场项目,三名优胜的同学将在三年级时获得该奖学金。 SAS的执行创意总监David Stocks表示,当下上学成本不断上升,造成很多学生陷入艰难,公司和机构有责任支持和培养这些人才,而不只是把他们当作廉价劳动力,这样,来自于行业自身的支持,才能使创意产业续写殊荣。


SAS is launching a £10 000 scheme to provide three scholarships for students at Chelsea College of Art and Design.


The scholarships will be open to all second-year graphic design students at the institute, which is part of University of the Arts London.


Students wishing to apply will be asked to complete a live project in the second year, and three winning students will then be chosen to receive a scholarship for their third year.


David Stocks, executive creative director at SAS, says, ‘It’s tough for students with the cost of study rising all the time.


‘We believe there is a responsibility on agencies to support and nurture young talent and not just use graduates as lowly paid interns. The great reputation for creativity we have in this country will only continue with the support of our industry.’