Kate Winslet 獲得英國CBE勛位爵士頭餃

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Kate Winslet collects CBE in Natalie Ellner hat

Kate Winslet 獲得英國CBE勛位爵士頭餃



奧斯卡影後著名電影明星凱特. 溫斯萊特Kate Winslet 獲得英女王授予的CBE英國二等勛位爵士,表彰她在電影藝術領域中所做出的貢獻。凱特以一身高雅的黑色套裝裙出席典禮。其中,她頭上所戴的一頂黑白色羽毛帽成為最大的亮點。此作品是出自英國著名帽子設計師Natalie Ellner之手。Natalie 經常為Kate設計各種不同的帽子,風格各異。本次的作品是由黑白色的雀鳥羽毛制作而成,凸顯出了Kate高雅的氣質。另外,Natalie Ellner也是倫敦時尚學院的校友,每次的新作品都會備受關注。



Kate Winslet獲得CBE勛章



NatalieKate 所設計的其他作品


There's something about a trip to Buckingham Palace that brings out the exhibitionist in some women. When Katharine Hamnett collected her CBE in June 2011, her red feathered Philip Treacy creation stole the show (and nearly took the Queen's eye out). Never one to be outshone, Kate Winslet opted for a similarly show-stopping creation to be honoured by Her Majesty today.


Looking the epitome of elegance in a simple, black, Alexander McQueen skirt suit and classic court shoes, to collect her CBE, Kate saved the drama for atop her head opting for a custom-made hat by up-and-coming mask-maker and milliner, Natalie Ellner.


It's not the first time Ellner, 31, who hails from Cornwall and works out of a studio in Hackney, has collaborated with Kate. After her work caught the Oscar-winning actress's eye back in the summer, she was commissioned to create a series of animal-themed sculptural headpieces - including a fox, badger, bunny and a peacock - for Winslet and her family to wear to a private event.


Today's unusual feathered creation was also inspired by birds, this time Magpies, but also Art Deco lamps, and of course, Kate's McQueen outfit.


"It's taken about a month to create, going backwards and forwards with Kate," Natalie explains. "She had a lot of input, it had to reflect her personality".


So did Kate brief her to make something that would make such a bold statement?


"It's such an important, once-in-a-lifetime occasion, it's nice to have a statement piece… this is what evolved."


It's fair to say that Winslet is Natalie's highest profile customer to date. After graduating from the Costume, Make-up and Special Effects course at the London College of Fashion, she spent seven years making prosthetic limbs for amputees at a private clinic before starting her line 'Ellsewhere' four years ago.