Sarah Burton位列《時代》雜志最具影響力100人之列

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Sarah Burton Makes Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People List

Sarah Burton位列《時代》雜志最具影響力100人之列


Sarah Burton, 中央聖馬丁校友,從1996年開始成為Alexander McQueen的門徒,現擔任Alexander McQueen品牌創意總監,其女裝作品在巴黎服裝周一經亮相就獲得廣獲贊譽。英國王妃Kate Middleton的婚紗成為Sarah的標志性設計,堪稱經典。


Sarah Burton, creative director of the Alexander McQueen label, the dress designer responsible for Kate Middleton’s sumptuous Forties line, antique lace, corseted bodice with deep v-neckline wedding gown has been voted onto the most prestigious list in America, The Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People List. The dress was a design icon and has also been nominated for the prestigious international Design of the Year award which will be presented by Anya Hindmarch on 24 April at the Design Museum. The garment included lace on the dress detailing a rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock, to represent the whole of the United Kingdom, and was hand-made by the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace.


The late McQueen’s 36-year-old prot g e won the most coveted fashion commission of the decade. Reports earlier this year claimed that McQueen’s chief executive Jonathan Akeroyd had told a colleague that the label had secured the commission and this has turned out to be the case.


The question remains, who is Sarah Burton? Burton is a 36 year old who was born in Manchester and began working for McQueen in 1996. She was in her final year at Central St. Martins which happens to be McQueen's alma mater and a hotbed for top designers including the disgraced fashionista John Gallaino. She was appointed head of women's wear design in 2000, and was working closely with the designer right up until his untimely death by suicide, in February last year. Burton presented the McQueen womenswear collection shortly after his suicide during Paris Fashion Week, gaining worldwide praise for infusing her mentor's unique style with a newfound femininity.


It is thought her designs caught Miss Middleton's eye when she produced an off-the-shoulder wedding dress for Sara Buys, the fashion journalist who married Camilla’s son, Tom Parker Bowles, in 2005.Sarah Burton is already a top celebrity designer. She created the billowing red and black poppy dress seen on First Lady Michelle Obama at a state dinner. Burton appears as number 35 on the list this year.