Yuki Koaswara贏得中央聖馬丁鈀金珠寶設計比賽

天麟海外藝術創意啟發中心 | 2012-04-04

Yuki Koaswara Wins CSM Palladium Jewellery Design Competition

Yuki Koaswara贏得中央聖馬丁鈀金珠寶設計比賽


Yuki Koaswara得中央聖馬丁鈀金珠寶設計比賽,其作品亮相本屆倫敦時裝周。


Stephen Webster and Yuki Koswara

Adding an extra element to London Fashion Week this season, the British Fashion Council’s Rock Vault is a welcome addition to the five days of style proceedings. Especially, for the finalists of the International Palladium Board and Central Saint Martins Jewellery Design Competition 2012, honoured within its surroundings last night.

Launched to support and showcase the students from the MA Design: Ceramics, Furniture or Jewellery course whilst promoting the unique qualities of Palladium, the design initiative paired emerging talent with key industry figures. Notably Hannah Martin who “who’s been a stalwart in the process,” commented Simon Fraser, Central Saint Martins’ Course Director.

Tasked with using the precious metal to create a unique design, each student had just ten weeks to complete the task with last night deciding their fate. Which, for Yuki Agriardi Koswara proved to be very positive after his ‘Essential’ neckpiece wowed the judges and saw him crowned the competition winner.

“I’m incredibly excited to have won have won the Palladium Jewellery Design Competition. I’m very grateful to both the International Palladium Board and Central Saint Martins for giving me the opportunity to produce my design and for the opportunity to show at London Fashion Week,” commented Koswara last night.

From today until the end of London Fashion Week Koswara’s design plus the work of the other four finalists are now on shoe within the British Fashion Council Rock Vault. It’s more than worth a quick peek!